Branch Goals and Objectives
2008 - 2009

The formation and revision of goals and objectives are a critical part of the planning process for the American Association of University Women Laguna Beach California Branch (AAUW-LB). Goals and objectives are closely aligned with those of AAUW-CA action priorities.

The Branch Mission Statement is:

The American Association of University Women Laguna Beach Branch is a unique, multidimensional group of women in the Arts, Education, Business, Science, Law and Community Affairs. Together we are working to empower women and girls through education to reach their full potential.

1.0   AAUW-LB will be recognized as the leading advocate for education and equity for all women and girls.

1.1.   To support the public education system in promoting gender fairness, equity and diversity, the branch will continue its Help-A-Child English Language Development and The Learning Club (TLC) after-school homework programs at El Morro Elementary School. Both programs include members and community volunteers.

1.1.1.   To empower women to gain political, economic, social and educational self-sufficiency, the branch will:

1.1.2.   Continue to support an annual fundraising campaign in order to send at least six middle school girls to an AAUW California sponsored Tech Trek Summer Science Camp.

1.1.3.   Continue to fund one or more scholarships for high school senior girls in need who will attend college.

1.1.4.   Continue to fund at least one scholarship for a woman returning to college/university.

1.2.   Improve voter education and local political awareness by supporting a joint venture, e.g., a nonpartisan Candidates Forum with the League of Women Voters; working with other organizations to get out the female vote in Orange County; and participating in The Great American Write-In annual event.

1.3.   Expand AAUW visibility and impact in our communities.

1.4.   Work to gain local business support for our programs.

2.0   AAUW-LB will be a catalyst for change that furthers our mission.

2.1.   Expand AAUW visibility and solicitation of the community in support of AAUW activities and issues.

2.1.1.   Increase visibility of AAUW through media awareness.

2.1.2.   Expand planning/coordinating of events with at least two other organizations having similar goals and objectives, e.g., Girl Scouts, League of Women Voters, and Woman’s Club of Laguna Beach.

2.1.3.   Maintain the branch Website

2.2.   Develop programs and strategies for meeting changing needs of the community, e.g., a mentoring program for girls.

3.0   AAUW-LB will be a racially and culturally diverse organization.

3.1.   Increase branch membership by 10% annually.

3.2.   Seek to establish collaborative relationships with other organizations and extend membership opportunities to obtain racial and cultural diversity among branch members.

3.3.   Expand involvement of neighboring AAUW branches for collaborative effort on projects relating to Orange County issues.

3.4.   Increase joint activities with organizations other than AAUW that are pursuing like objectives to enhance impact and heighten AAUW awareness.

3.5.   Contact local colleges and universities to reach more girls and women (students and faculty).

3.6.   Extend the opportunity for AAUW awareness, scholarships, Member-at-Large (MAL), and Student Affiliate memberships to other academic areas with local colleges and universities.

4.0   AAUW-LB will have a strong development plan which includes a growing membership and donor base to realize the mission via fundraising projects.

4.1.   Increase proceeds for the AAUW Educational Foundation through the annual Literary Luncheon and other branch fundraising projects.

4.2.   Increase support for the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund through branch fundraising projects.

4.3.   Increase support for continuing community fundraising projects, e.g., the Women of Achievement Leadership Dinner.

4.4.   Develop an active fundraising committee.

5.0   AAUW-LB will maintain a sound financial base to assure present and future effectiveness.

5.1.   Achieve a balanced budget.

5.2.   Increase reserves by 5% annually.


Adopted: July, 1996
Revised: July, 2008

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