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2010 Lit Lunch

2013 Profiles of Women Artists II

In January four of AAUW-LB artists will shares their biographies and examples of their artwork.,

Left to right: Pam Berkson (stone cutter), Jan Sattler (ceramics), Janet Mackaig (painting and prints), Karen Schwager (neo-expressionist).




2010 Lit Lunch

2012 Holiday Wine Tasting

In December the fifth annual wine tasting was held at the home of Ann Stephens. Proceeds from the event benefitted our Returning Woman Scholarship Fund.

Left to right: Barbara Hamkalo, Diane Reed, Karen Stephens.





2010 Lit Lunch

2012 New Member Social

In September we welcomed new members and provided an overview of branch activities.

Front (on floor): Fritz Reynolds, Leah Vasquez, Diane Ertley, Madeleine Peterson.

Middle (chairs behind front row): Amy Larsen, Helen Pointer, Lee Winocur-Field.

Back (seated and standing): Polly Sloan, Nadia Babayi, Pari Mokhtari, Deana Pink, Susan Wunderlich, Margot Norris, Nancy Miller, Mary Ellen Carter, Florin Harper, Barbara Antonacci. (Photographer and not pictured, Elaine Lawson, Co-Vice President)


2010 Lit Lunch

2012 Salon on Malawi

In January Ann-Eve Hazen hosted a Salon on Malawi at her beautiful home at the Montage. Mary Ellen Carter, founder of the non-profit Direct Connections to Africa and John Jameson were the presenters.

Left to right: John Jameson, Michelle Reinglass, Mary Ellen Carter, Ann-Eve Hazen.




2010 Lit Lunch

2012 Installation of Officers

In June the new slate of branch officers was installed at the home of Madeleine Peterson. Entertainment was provided by singer and songwriter Noelle Driscoll, a member of our branch.

Incoming officers: Sandy Fitzgerald, Co-Secretary; Elaine Lawson, Co-Vice President; Nancy Miller, Co-President; Pat Griggs, Co-President; Deana Pink, Membership Co-Chair; Madeleine Peterson, Membership Co-Chair; Marion Jacobs, Programs Co-Chair; Barbara Hamkalo, Programs Co-Chair, Alison King, Programs Co-Chair, and Nancy Lawrence, AAUW Funds Chair


2010 Lit Lunch

2011 New Member

In June 2011 new members were invited to meet other members and learn about the branch at the home of Deana Pink.

Front row : Lesley Danziger, Amy Jackson, Nancy Eidt, Donna Miller, Nancy Miller,
Deana Pink, Madeleine Peterson.

Back row: Judy Teverbaugh, Ann-Eve Hazen, Amy Larson, Judy Zuckert, Jean Brotherton, Janette Mestre, Anita Halton, Judy MacPherson.

Also present: Wendy Levine, Elaine Lawson.

Literary Luncheon's Gifts to Local Libraries

in May 2011, in honor of the 100th anniversary of women in California winning the vote and to ensure that women's history is available to the community, AAUW-LB donated books about the women's suffrage movement to the Laguna Beach Library and Laguna Beach High School Library. The books were purchased from the proceeds of the 2011 LIterary Luncheon.

The donated books are entitled Winning the Vote: The Triumph of the American Women Suffrage Movement by Robert P.J. Cooney Jr. Co-President Bana Hilal is pictured at right, presenting a book to a member of the LB Library staff. .


Literary Lunch

2011 Literary Luncheon - Festival of Women Authors

The 24th annual Literary Luncheon Festival of Women Authors was held on March 19, 2011 at the Surf and Sand Resord in Laguna Beach. The sold-out event was a great success. Featured women authors were:

  • Julia Amante, author of Evenings at the Argentine Club
  • Lisa Napoli, author of Radio Shangri-la: What I Learned in Bhutan -- The Happiest Kingdom on Earth and
  • Tatjana Soli, author of The Lotus Eaters

> See photos from the event

Photo: Michelle Reinglass and Barbara Hamkalo selling tidkets for the Opportunity Drawing

2010 New Member Social

A new member gathering hosted by Membership Co-Vice President, Deana Pink. Several new member events are held each year.









2010 Lit Lunch

2010 Wine Tasting

In December our fourth annual wine tasting was held with proceeds going to our Women Returning to College Scholarships. This year we tasted wines from Eastern Europe selected by wine consultant Ann Stephens. Miriam and Len Kranser hosted the event in their Monarch Beach home.

Left to right: Ann Stevens, Barbara Hamkalo, and Laurie Dickerson.




2010 Lit Lunch

2010 Book Dedication

On October 1, 2010 members of our two book groups and Carole Zavala, current Director of the Laguna Beach Community Center, attended a dedicaton of books purchased by the Susie Q Library under a $500 AAUW-LB Foundation grant. The grant covered books about the lives and accomplishments of women..

Left to right: Bana Hilal, Maggie Owens, Katie Haven, Carole Zavala, current Director of the Center, Deana Pink, Lee Field.



2010 Lit Lunch

2010 Installation

The 2010 installation brunch was held at the home of outgoing Programs VP, Barbara Davidson. The new officers will serve until July 31, 2011.

Photo: (Front row) Miriam Kranser, Bana Hilal, Gail Sahara, Jean Brotherton, Alison King, Nancy Miller, Johanna Felder. ( Back row) Deana Pink, Michelle Reinglass, Pat Griggs (MV), Elaine Lawson, Nancy Lawrence. Not present: Angelica Simmons and Leslie Powers.

For a list of branch officers see the Executive Board page of this website.


2010 Lit Lunch

2010 Literary Luncheon

A major fund raising event for our branch was the 23rd annual Laguna Beach Festival of Women Authors held on March 13, 2010 at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. Four women authors were invited to speak at the event.

Photo: Event organizers Kim Salter, Veronica Nice; and authors Ann Cherian, Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum, Katheryn Fitzmaurice, and Nina Revoyr.


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2006 Installation

2009 Membership Appreciation

Salon on Iran

We kicked off the 2009 season with a membership appreciation event, held
at the home of Co-President Bana Hilal. Over 60 members and prospective members attended, including six new members that joined at the event. The highlight of the day was a presentation by branch member, Pari Mochtari on
the changing role of women in today's day Iran.

Photo: Pari Mochtari (left) and Bana Hilal

2006 Installation

2009 Installation

On June 20 our branch installed its officers for 2009-2010. The event, which included brunch, was held at the Canyon Lodge of the Aliso Creek Inn. The installation was officiated by Pat Algier, president of Laguna Hills Branch and former Board  member of AAUW California.

Group Photo:
Front Row: Miriam Kranser, Barbara Hamkalo, Bana Hilal, Gail Sahara, Jean Brotherton
Back Row: Barbara Antonacci, Angelica Simmons, Elaine Lawson, Madeleine Peterson, Barbara Davidson, Anita Halton, Nancy Lawrence

2006 Installation

2009 Art Group Visit to Patrick Crabb Studio

In March the Art Interest Group visted
the home/studio of Patrick Crabb,
artist and Professor of Ceramics at
Santa Ana College. A collector and
artist in the clay medium, he finds
his sources of inspiration evolving from a historical context, specifically artifacts from pre-technology or
primitive cultures. His pieces are 
wheel thrown in form. Shards are
fired in raku, sawdust and oxidation.


Group Photo:
Back Row: Elaine Lawson, Linda Banks (in front of Elaine), Rosa Goldfind, Katie Haven, Patrick Crabb, Valerie Gorrell, Sheryl Baker, Patrice Miller, Barbara Garett (in front of Patrice), Noelle Driscolle, Sue Reese, Cynthia Weitz (in front of Sue), Mary Ann Conley, Carol Hanke.
Front Row: Helma Bovenizer, Johanna Felder, Karen Schwager, Patricia Turner (in front of Karen)

2006 Installation

2009 Art Group Visit to Faux Paw Productions

In January the Art Appreciation Group visited the Faux Paw Productions Gallery, owned by local artist, Debra Carman. Ms. Carman describes herself as a whimsical, interpretative, ceramic artist, specializing in animal art. She paints, sculpts, has a designer tabletop line of collectible accessories, and is author and illustrator of seven children's books.

Left to Right: Elaine Lawson, Valerie Gorrell , Helma Bovenizer , Rosa Goldfind, Debra Carman, Deana Pink, Lynn Weiser, Cynthia Weitz. In front, Linda Banks.

2008 Board Changeover Meeting

At t he first board meeting of the 2008-2009 year the incoming and outgoing board members met on September 10, 2008 to exchange ideas, discuss branch events planned for upcoming year, and enjoy a delicious potluck dinner.

Front row: Beverly McComb, Angelica Simmons, Carol Reynolds, Barbara Hamkalo, Madeleine Peterson, Gail Sahara. Back row: Marion Jacobs, Anita Halton, Karen Dennis, Barbara Williams-Pemberton, Nancy Lawrence, Miriam Kranser, Bana Hilal, Jean Brotherton, Lucinda Prewitt, Barbara Davidson, Elaine Lawson, Janette Mestre, Barbara Antonacci, Elsa Brizzi.   (Photo by Faye Chapman)

2006 Installation

2008 Installation — Honoring our Branch Octogenarians

On June 21st our branch installed its officers for 2008-2009. AAUW-CA Southern District Director Lynne Batchelor officiated.

The second part of the program honored our branch octogenarians and beyond: Jean Brotherton, Lois Eisenberg, Marge Fuller, Ruth Geis, Beverly McComb, Marguerite Stanton and Natalie Zucker. Our honored guests shared highlights of their education, giving us a living history of remarkable women and a taste of branch history as well.

Left to Right: Beverly McComb, Gretchen Holland , Jean Brotherton, Marge Fuller , Ruth Geis, Bernice Schachter, Pat Jamieson, and Roberta Schnittger.


2008 Literary Luncheon

The 21st annual Literary Luncheon Laguna Beach Festival of Women Authors was held at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. As in years past, the event was sold out and a huge success. The Silent Auction and Opportunity drawing raised funds for women's education, including the Educational Foundation, Tech Trek and community grants.

Four women authors spoke about their books: Judith Freeman—The Long Embrace: Raymond Chandler and the Woman He Loved; Gina Nahai—Caspian Rain; Margot Norris—Ulysses; and Amy Wallen—Moonpies and Movie Stars.

Left to Right: Judith Freeman, Amy Wallen, Margot Norris, and Gina Nahai.




2008 Literary Luncheon Basket Committee

Many thanks to the ladies who assembled and wrapped beautiful gift baskets for the for the 21st Annual Literary Luncheon - Festival of Women Authors. The baskets were a big hit in the Silent Auction and Opportunity Drawing.

Left to Right: Pat Griggs, Elaine Mata, Gail Sahara, MIriam Kranser



2006 Installation

March 2008 Art Tour

In March our Art Appreciation group, headed by Deana Pink, toured the home of artist Huguette Caland in Venice Beach. Huguette was born in Beirut, Lebanon and moved to the US in 1988. Our tour was a visual treat of colors, textures, surfaces, and art work displayed with an almost-sacred simplicity. We saw folk art, contemporary art, intricately stylized “Byzantine” paintings, evocative nude sketches from Caland’s Paris days, organic figurative animal sculptures in natural terra-cotta, works in stone, wood, and papier maché, and recent large-scale abstract drawings and paintings.

The group makes monthly visits to museums, galleries, private collections and artists' studios. All members are welcome.


2007 Installation and 40th Anniversary Celebration

The 2007-2008 officers were installed at the branch 40th Anniversary celebration on May 12th. AAUW California President, Donna Lilly, was the installing officer.

Charter members Jean Brotherton, Katie Haven and Shirley Slentz were recognized and honored at the event, which was held in the home of Karen Stevens.

Front row: Donna Lilly, Anita Halton, Barbara Hamkalo, Gail Sahara and Amber Shea. Back row, Bana Hilal, Deana Piink, Barbara Antonacci, Nancy Lawrence and Michelle Reinglass.


2006 Installation

2006 Installation Breakfast

The 2006-2007 incoming officers were installed on Saturday, June 17th, at the Aliso Creek Canyon Lodge in Laguna Beach. The guest speaker was Karen Jackle, AAUW California State Membership Vice President, who spoke about trends in current AAUW membership.


Photo: Peggie Thomas (Co-President), Barbara Antonacci (Co-President), Miriam Kranser (EF Co-VP), Anita Halton (Membership Co-VP), Bana Hilal (Program Development VP), Deana Pink (Membership Co-VP), Barbara Hamkalo (LAF VP), Jeanette Mestre (Finance Officer), Nancy Lawrence (EF VP), Ericka Waidley (Secretary). Madeleine Peterson (President Elect) was not present.



Salon on Lebanon

On March 12, 2006 the Trips and Travel interest group presented a salon on Lebanon. Member Bana Hilal led us on a virtual tour of her native land. We sampled the native coffee and sweets and were entertained with tales of life in Lebanon during the 1980s civil war years.

Literary Luncheon - Laguna Beach Festival of Women Authors

The 19th annual Laguna Beach Festival of Women Authors was held on March 25, 2006 at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. Five women authors were speakers at the event. The 2007 Literary Luncheon is planned for March 10.


Ocean Institute

Ocean Institute Field Trip

On March 22, 2005 forty-five 4th and 5th grade students from Laguna Beach’s El Morro and Top of the World elementary schools arrived at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point and were treated to a two-hour ocean cruise aboard the Institute’s research vessel, the R/V Sea Explorer. This educational opportunity was sponsored by the Montage Resort & Spa. The the AAUW Laguna Beach Branch helped to organize the event. The students saw large pods of dolphins, sea lions and two humpback whales!

Elementary School students from Laguna Beachat the Ocean Institute


2004 Membership Brunch

Membership Brunch - September 2004

Our annual Membership Brunch introduced new and potential members to the Laguna Beach Branch's programs, events, interest groups and volunteer opportunities planned for 2004-2005. We met at the home of Valerie Gorrell, who is known worldwide for her soft and clay sculptures and other works of art. Valerie's home is decorated inside and out with her whimsical artwork.





Election Festival

Laguna Beach Election Festival

Beverley McComb represented the Laguna Beach Branch at the inagural Election Festival that was held on October 2,. 2004. The event was organized by the League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization which encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in govennment. The festival provided local citizens opportunities to meet candidates, explore candidate's positions on issues and to register voters.

Photo: Bev McComb at the 2004 Election Festival





Doll Salon

Salon on Antique Dolls

Michael Canadas, Hani Feller and David Robinson with some of the antique dolls displayed at the salon

In October 2004 Michael Canadas and David Robinson, owners of the Carmel Doll Shop in Carmel, presented “A Timeline of Antique Dolls” at the home of Hani Feller. They also shared some rare examples of 18th and 19th century dolls from their collection, including very rare wooden dolls from the court of Marie Antoinette.





Ocean Institute

Ocean Institute Tour

On May 13th our branch enjoyed a guided tour of the Ocean Institute in Dana Point Harbor. The Institute is a world-class advocate for an informed citizenry in ocean preservation, setting the standards for educational excellence and serving as a leading resource for universities, museums, teachers and all others seeking to increase their knowledge of the ocean.

The mission of the Ocean Institute is to inspire all generations through education to become responsible stewards of our oceans.

Founded in 1977, the nonprofit Ocean Institute is not a museum where you will find collections of artifacts, nor is it an aquarium where you will find collections of animals. Rather, the Institute is a collection of experiences in the form of an educational campus specializing in marine and social sciences, with more than 40 programs in six different series.

2003 Literary Lunch

Literary Luncheon - Laguna Beach Festival of Women Authors

A major fund raising event for EF was the 17th annual Laguna Beach Festival of Women Authors held on March 27, 2004 at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. Women authors were invited to speak, and local authors were introduced.

More. . .



JPL Field Trip

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

On May 15th we invited the Tech Trek candidates from Thurston Middle School on a field trip to the JPL Open House in Pasadena.

This popular annual event celebrates JPL's accomplishments with exhibits and demonstrations about the Laboratory's ongoing research and space exploration. Many of the Lab's scientists and engineers were on hand to answer questions about how spacecraft are sent to other planets, how scientists utilize space technologies to explore Earth and how researchers are now searching for planets beyond the solar system.

Highlights of the day were the 3-D exhibit and the Mars exploration presentation.

Photo: AAUW Members Teresa Wong, Elaine Lawson and Dee Perry with Thurston 7th graders Lauren Mendoza, Holly Kempler and Dylan Conroy.

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