Annual Leadership Dinner
Honoring Women of Achievment in our Community

Every year since 1999 the Laguna Beach Branch has recognized outstanding local women at an annual Leadership Dinner. These women are trailblazers who have made significant differences in our community. Proceeds from the event are used to fund our community outreach programs.

Below are the names of our honored women from past years and the areas where they have made a contribution to the community.


2010 Honorees

Jodie Gates, The Arts
Barbara Norton, Education and
Johanna Felder, Community

Left to right : Jahn Levitt (Event Chair),
Jodie Gates, Barbara Norton, Johanna Felder

2010 Theme: Making Magic in our



2009 Honorees

Karen Dennis, Multicultural Higher Education
Sita Helms, Community Outreach
Judith Jelinek, Arts Outreach
Ann Quilter, Senior/Community Service

Left to right : Sita Helms, Ann Quilter, Judith Jelinek, Karen Dennis.


2008 Honorees

Susan Bryant, PhD, Women in Science
Betsy Jenkins, Education
Mary Ferguson, Volunteerism
Jan Sattler, Arts and Environment

Left to right : Susan Bryant, Betsy Jenkins, Mary
Ferguson, and Jan Sattler.




2007 Honorees

Kim Maxwell, Youth Advocacy
Bobbi Cox, Social Change
Joanne Culverhouse, Ed.D., Education
Susie Campbell, Community Service

Left to right : Kim Maxwell, Bobbi Cox, Joanne Culverhouse, and Susie Campbell


2006 Honorees
Rev. Virginia Wheeler, Community Outreach
Barbara Hamkala, Science Education
Eleanor Finney, Social Justice
Janice Johnson, Arts

Left to right : Rev. Virginia Wheeler, Barbara Hamkalo, Janice Johnson and Eleanor Finney




2005 Honorees

Valerie Imhof, Arts Education
Elisabeth Pearson-Schneider, Government
Toni Iseman, Environment and Government
Michelle Reinglass, Legal Advocacy

Left to right : Valerie Imhof, Elizabeth Pearson-Schneider, Toni Iseman, and Michelle Reinglass



2004 Honorees

Laura Davick, Environment
Vera Martinez, PhD, Community
Lucinda Prewitt, Arts
Jean Raun, Public Policy Advocacy
K Turner, RN JD, Educaton
Natalie Zucker, Community Service




2003 Honorees

Vivian Clecak, Social Justice
Dee Dee Challis-Davy, Arts
Lola Gillebaard, Quality of Life Advocacy
Nancy Lawrence, Diversity Leadership
Pat Jamieson, Education/Volunteerism
Carol Reynolds, Community Leadership
Peggie Thomas, Education/Volunteerism



2002 Honorees

Iris Adam, Arts
Marsha Bode, Community Service
Julia Johnson, Education
Jeannette Merrilees, Environment
Irma Ronses, Social Justice
Marilyn S. Thomas, Volunteerism


2001 Honorees

Danell Adams, Capt. LBPD, Social Justice
Hoda Anton Culver, Ph.D., Women's Health
Patricia Bernard, Advocacy for Youth
Elisabeth Brown, Ph.D., Environment
Julita Jones, Arts
Evelyn Munro, Social Advocacy
June Neptune, Community Service
Deana Pink, Volunteerism
Judy Swayne, CountylCommunity Leadership



2000 Honorees

Pat Bates, Government
Margot Carlson, Juvenile or Social Justice
Pat Kollenda, Arts
Cathy Krinsky, Advocate for Youth
Martha Lydick, Volunteerism
Susan Mas, Education
Cheryl Post, Social Service
Carolyn Wood, Environment


1999 Honorees

Kathleen Blackburn, Government
Phyllis Sweeney, Government
Barbara Diamond, Media
Mary Fegraus, Environment
Lee Winocur Field, Ph.D., Education
Alice Graves, Social Services
Anne Johnson, Positive Social Change
Hortense Miller, Environment




For more information about the annual Leadership Dinner contact Carol Reynolds. For contact informatio e-mail the webmaster via the Contact Us page

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